Bass: Jon

Jon with the Trudy 1986 (the one on the right)
Jon with Fragile 2007 in front of 10000 people
Jon in Sid Vicious mode - 1981
Jon again at Matthew St

Previous activities


Bought my first bass in 1980 being the last in line at the music shop. Played in various punk rock bands up until 1982 when joined The Trudy, a new wave pop band formed out of Cardiac Arrest (now Cardiacs who I once played for). Almost became famous about 3 times.

In the mid 80s I got into Prog and formed The Grownups with Dominic Luckman and Bill Drake (Cardiacs), Mark Cawthra (ex-Cardiacs) and Craig Fortnum (North Sea Radio Orchestra). By 1987 I was getting fed up with original material and not getting paid so I sold out and joined a function band.


Now in an artistic wasteland I played rubbish songs for mainly rubbish people for money. A few memorable moments are, playing Joan Collins’ birthday party for three years in a row, touring Germany and being booked for a party in Belgium to play one song ("Diamonds are Forever"). Finally bored with things I co-founded the UK’s first Yes Tribute Band Fragile who did their first gig in Jan 1999.


Spent some time recording original pieces of music on a computer. Released three albums and a "Greatest Hits". Have a look at

Took Fragile to strange a wonderful places including Belgium, Holland, Finland and Switzerland. Completed two European tours with guest guitarist Steve Howe who is some bloke out of Yes. Also played with some bloke out of Hawkwind whose name I can’t recall. Left Fragile in 2008 to pursue an original material Prog project Aquaplanage. The album is now available from - go on, buy one! Spent time also looking for a local band to enable me to play more local gigs that are not in Geneva and to make a lot of noise - and to play more gigs. Hardtail seem to fit that description. Let’s rock!

Previous Bands (that I can remember):

  • Succubus
  • PMA
  • Spice
  • The Trudy
  • Tempting Fate (later became 'The Fate')
  • Citadel
  • Cardiacs (session)
  • Scullion (session)
  • The Grownups (Mk I, II and III)
  • The Enemy Within (session)
  • Religion
  • Lorelei (session)
  • Hazzard Profile
  • A Hideous Device
  • The Menace Dancers
  • Roger Shoe
  • Oddbod (session)
  • Blues Train
  • State of the Heart
  • Station to Station
  • Fragile
  • Ignition
  • The Astronauts
  • Aquaplanage
  • William D Drake and his so called Friends (Session)
  • Redbus Noface (Session)

There are more but can't remember them - if anyone can spot a missing one let me know!  As if 24 is not enough............

Equipment used

This is the bit I never bother to read so I will keep it short...

  • Rickenbacker 4001cs – Chris Squire signature Ric'
  • Warwick 'Vampyre' 5 string - Looks a bit like the devil
  • Hartke 350 watt head with 4 x 10 and 1 x 15 (4 small ones and 1 big one)
  • Zoom B2.1u Bass Effects

Musical Influences


  • Geddy Lee (god of bass)
  • Mick Karn (award for the most original - Rest in Peace Mick)
  • Chris Squire (a bit)
  • John Entwhistle (demigod of bass)
  • Paul McCartney (yes, really)


  • Cardiacs, Rush, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theatre, Opeth, Pink Floyd, It Bites, Gentle Giant,Audioslave, Editors, Foo Fighters, IQ, Kate Bush, Zep, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Radiohead... etc. etc. etc.

Most influential musicians:

  • Tim Smith (Cardiacs genius and long term friend)
  • William D Drake (Piano genius and long term friend)
  • Robert Illesh (from Aquaplanage, world class guitarist and producer friend
    - watch this space!)
  • Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree)