Vocals: Jamie

Age: Much younger than my colleagues...


Wasn’t born.


Wasn’t born.


Wasn’t born until '89 so I can't remember much of it either.


Was bullied by my Mum into learning the piano.

00’s and onwards

I paid nearly no interest in music until my friend started a band when we were 16 and I started jamming along with them on the piano. Realising that rock'n'roll was a lot more exciting than classical piano and then finding my Dad’s AC/DC record collection, the wonderful world of music was shown to me. My first band was a trio consisting of me on the piano, an acoustic guitarist and a vocalist playing mellow pop songs and frequently supporting a band called the Ashtones in the local area. And that's how it went for the next four years, floating around local jam nights playing my piano with my band and subbing in other bands every so often.

Eventually our singer left to go to university and the guitarist and I started playing AC/DC numbers for fun at a local jam night. We thought they sounded quite good and found ourselves some more members and Kimera was born. After a few support gigs and a slot at an open air charity festival Kimera spent 2011 & '12 gigging round the local pub circuit playing a mix of original rock numbers and a host of classic tunes, nearly all of which were written before we were born.

At some point in 2012 our drummer's Dad took me to see a bunch of dodgy geezers called Hardtail. Playing similar music to Kimera; I thought they were pretty damn good and, come the end of the year, I heard they were looking for a new singer. An email later and I had an audition to show what I could do. It must have gone well because several gigs later we’re sounding pretty awesome.

So, new band, new songs, loads of gigs lined up. Bring on 2013!


  • Vocals: Various microphones made by Shure, Stagg and Peavey. Or what ever is available on the night.
  • Casio CDP 100 keyboard: I use this at most gigs because it has a nice action and is stupidly light and compact. I rarely use the in-built sounds, though. For my piano sounds I use...
  • Roland MKS-20: the sound module that I use to get my piano sounds from. Any piano geeks out there might know that Elton John uses one of these as well, and if it’s good enough for him, then it’s good enough for me. It has a great distinctive sound, and I think is probably the most expressive piano tone that has ever been made.
  • Roland RD1000 keyboard: my pride and joy! Once again you geeks out there will know EJ used one in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It's got the same sounds as my MKS-20, distinctive and very expressive, and has got probably the best key action I’ve ever felt. If it didn’t weigh nearly 50kg then I would take it to every gig. For now though it gets used only on special occasions.

Musical Influences

I’m pretty easy going as far as listening is concerned. My music collection includes records from hard rockers like AC/DC, to classic bands like The Lovin’ Spoonful (they have some great tracks!).

My favourite singers are Steve Tyler and Bon Scott and my favourite piano player is Elton John. Favourite band has got to be AC/DC, though Meat Loaf is awesome, and so are Aerosmith, Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Thunder, The Stones, The Beatles... The list goes on and on.