Blogs from the Hardtail boys

The Last 3

Diversity is the spice of life - and we have certainly had a lot of it recently. A rare '3 gigs in 3 weeks' and all completely different.

A bit like a mini Glastonbury.....

There were bikes, leathers, beer, burgers and loud music. What more could you ask for on a summer's evening? Maybe to play while the sun sets in front of you.

That all happened.

The Seven Seas of Rye

A different and more surreal view than Dave's epic prose:

A Rye smile

Time to break my radio silence and reflect on an event-filled and eventually fulfilling evening in Rye. You may want to line up some refreshment before you read on, it's turned out rather lengthy...

Update - May 2009

As it's a sort of half anniversary of me joining the band (6 months that is) I thought I would write an appreciation of the other band members: