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Bonsoir to the Frenchman people!

Having missed out on two dates at the Frenchman, Folkestone earlier this year, it was great to get back there finally and play a couple of rocking sets to an appreciative crowd.

Back in the groove at last

After a disruptive few months peppered with gig cancellations for various reasons, it was great finally to play a full show last night to an appreciative crowd at Rod's 60th birthday party.

It's an ill wind that blows... some good

Last night we took ourselves along to the familiar surroundings of the Swan & Harlequin at Faversham.

A Rye smile

Time to break my radio silence and reflect on an event-filled and eventually fulfilling evening in Rye. You may want to line up some refreshment before you read on, it's turned out rather lengthy...

Drupal developer for hire!

What you see on this web site is a well-honed Drupal installation created by myself, just one of several that I've done in the last six months.

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