Hardtail newsletter

This is an irregular mailout of news and information.

Sorry, 18th November is cancelled

Hi, just a quick message to say that the next gig on 18th November at Longfield has been cancelled due to a booking error at their end.

Hardtail at the Royal Wells Hotel on Sunday

A very quick follow-up to our last newsletter just to let everyone know that our gig at the very smart Royal Wells Hotel bar on Sunday (23rd October) will run between approximately 8 and 10 p.m.

Hardtail newsletter October 2011

Hi, hot on the heels of our last newsletter (well it's all relative), here's a quick reminder of our next batch of gigs, all of which fall into the "out of town" category.

First 2011 newsletter from Hardtail

Hi, this is a brief newsletter from Hardtail - for some recipients the first ever, for others the first after rather a long gap.

Hardtail Newsletter November 2009

Hi everybody,

We have three more gigs this year, our most recent booking being almost within the M25!

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