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Ian the Fish

Discovered you at last you bald Scots git. Hope life is treating you well.
The Pig & Whistle is still there (just) and I'm still dispensing botulism via the medium of fish and chips. Maybe catch up with you and the band sometime.
Ian - slightly less bald but equally a git and older too.


hi guys.
I've just got back from the Triumph Owners party and this is just to say "Nice one".
I hope to see you guys performing again later this year.


Message to Di - To see the videos, there is a link just under our main page picture (top left) there are 2 links, one says pics, the other says videos


re: message from Steve Curriesome how do i get to see the footage? cheers

Comment by Dave
You brave person! Videos are on our MySpace page at Must put that link somewhere...

Thanks for the up Fraggle, glad you enjoyed it (the gig, not just the drumming!). Maiden have been mentioned in despatches, but may be a bit heavy for the set as it stands. We've never wanted to be a metal band, waaaaaaay too many diverse influences, but, as I said before we'll look at all suggestions.



Hows about The Apparition - that's my favourite Maiden track....
P.S. Awesome drumming on saturday Colin

Steve Curriesome

Saw the footage of the Folkstone gig gents. Sounds great. Andy sounds good and 'tis a pity the naughty boys outside cut you short indirectly. Keep up the good work people !


Yes, the drumming one! Radar Love is a song that we looked at 18 months ago and it didn't fit with us, and we haven't changed our mind since. Please keep suggestions coming in, though. Hope the new ones coming in to the set are to your taste, though. Bye.


ooh yeah... Radar Love... !

hiya - how about Radar Love (golden earring)???? I just luvvvv that song!